• Baker DD6 Direct Drive 6 Speed Builders Kit FLH FLHT 01-06

Baker DD6 Direct Drive 6 Speed Builders Kit FLH FLHT 01-06

DD6 Builders kit
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Baker Drivetrain
Fits FLH & FLHT 2001/2006

  • Direct Drive means that the 6th gear has a 1:1 ratio (for 1 revolution of the input shaft, the output shaft turns 1 revolution) which is the same as an OE 5 speed
  • By including a 28 tooth compensating sprocket and a longer primary drive chain, the overall drive ratio is exactly like a .86:1 overdrive 6th gear but with the 99% mechanical efficiency of a 1:1 ratio drive
  • All gears are finish ground on diamond coated tooling after heat treating to produce a super fine surface for holding exact tolerances and eliminating gear mesh noise
  • Chrome plated access door
  • Fourth, fifth and sixth gear sets have helical cut gear faces to further reduce gear noise
  • One piece design of the countershaft and sixth gear eliminates the weak point found in the OE transmission
  • Redundant (roller and plunger type) shift drum detents for positive neutral finding
  • Anti-overshift inner transmission linkage with improved shape return spring for dependability
  • The 28 tooth compensating sprocket yields 14% more starter motor torque to the engine

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